Essex County Youth Soccer Association



The Spring 2020 season is upon us...

Dropping off Player/Coach Cards and Hardcopy Rosters:

  • Janet Gargan (Registrar) 10 Mildred Road, Danvers, MA. 
  • Put everything in the bin between the garages.

Registration fee worksheet and payment (check) should be mailed to:

  • J Chee, ECYSA Accountant, 33 Winter Street, North Reading, MA 01864
  • Please make sure to use the fee worksheet (Excel spreadsheet link below) to calculate fees owed.  The team fees on the Financial Report in the TD drop down will be different from the spreadsheet (and potentially changing) until the teams are assigned to their final placements (eg. MTOC vs County) in the system after the placement meeting.  If fee submitted is different from actual fees based on placements, ECYSA will send reconciliation invoices.

In response to some very good valid and questions about player cards for the Spring 2020 season as related to the change from Grade 10 to 11, and from Grade 12 to PG:

  1. Cards from Spring 2019 that are printed and stamped "Gr 10" are valid for Grade 11 for Spring 2020. You DO NOT have to reprint with Grade 11 in the Grade Group field.
  2. Cards from Spring 2019 that are printed as "Grade 12" are valid for Grade PG for Spring 2020. You DO NOT have to reprint with Grade PG in Grade Group field.
  3. Grade 12 cards are NOT valid for Grade 11, Grade 10 cards are NOT valid for Grade PG
  4. Any NEW card being printed should reflect the NEW grade group designations of Grade 11 or Grade PG as tis is the convention expected to continue next year.

Please note that there is a chance the "old" Grade 10 and 12 cards may have to be redone for teams that qualify for MTOC. The Leagues Committee/MTOC Committee has not provided direction specific to this as of yet.

Here is the Player/Coach Card Template  - please note:

  • "TEAM" is Town organization
  • "GRADE GROUP" is team grade, not player
  • DOB and Grade Group should be blank for coaches.

Here is the Spring 2020 Fee Worksheet: 

 Here is the Spring 2020 Roster Registration Template/Example:

2019/2020 Age Groups: - please make sure to view the "Dual Grade Groupings" 

Fall 2019 Grade 4 Questionnaire

For organizations that will travel Grade 4 Teams in ECYSA, please fill out the below questionnaire to assist with team placement: 

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