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New Referee Orientation Meetings


This page has been updated for the Fall 2022 Season

About New Referee Orientations

NROs are primarily for referees who have yet to set foot on a field as a referee. That said, anyone who lacks experience, confidence or, maybe has done a season or two of your in-town program and feels ready for the next step in your referee career should attend. Are you looking for a bit more challenge? Then these are for you. They will be fun, informative, friendly, and safe.

Brand new certified referees who wish to officiate ECYSA games must attend one of these orientations. If you have never set foot on a field as a referee in ECYSA, attending one is mandatory. If you don't have much referee experience, you should attend an orientation. Referees who were new last Fall should strongly consider coming to another one. It will be very helpful. They are no cost to you. ECYSA runs these. You need not sign up at You do however need to let Ben Reed know in advance, via email, which one you will attend.

If you are under 18 years of age, it would be helpful (and strongly encouraged) if a parent could stay for the class.

What You Will Learn

These orientations are designed to teach the nuts and bolts of refereeing in ECYSA. We will cover pregame duties, game management, whistle use and mechanics, and post-game duties.

In addition, you will:

  • Get to meet your assignor face to face in a small group.
  • Learn how to properly check in a team by ECYSA standards.
  • Learn hints and refereeing tricks of the trade.
  • Learn other refereeing basics, too

What you will need

  • Please fill out a W-9 form and get it to Ben electronically! This form is required and stays with the ECYSA Accountant. If you don't fill it out, you won't get paid.
  • Paper and something to write with.
  • Have your uniform with you and bring all your referee gear, including your whistle. If you don't have any of these items, you can get them from Official Sports.
  • If you don't yet have your whistle or uniform, please come anyhow!

FALL 2023 Orientation Meetings Schedule

All orientations will be held via Zoom this fall.

DateStart TimeEnd TimeWhere
Sunday, August 209:30 AM11:30 AMVia Zoom
Saturday, August 269:00 AM11:00 AMVia Zoom
Tuesday, August 296:30 PM8:30 PMVia Zoom
Saturday, September 29:00 AM11:00 AMVia Zoom

More orientations may be added if necessary.

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