Essex County Youth Soccer Association

G4 Friendship Jamboree


Saturday June 12, 2021 - Hood Playground, 186 Holyoke St Lynn, MA

Date:  Saturday June 12th, 2021

Location:  Hood Playground; 186 Holyoke St Lynn, MA.  Located across the street from Lynn Classical High School.  Parking is available at the high school.  Players and coaches are asked to please park in the large lot behind the school.

Eligibility:  All Grade 4 Small-Sided travel teams participating in the spring 2021 ECYSA season. Teams will be required to check-in before their first game with rosters, player and coach's cards.  Teams are allowed to combine players from other teams in their town to make-up a team so long as it is referenced in the Additional Comments section of the Registration, and you include the Guest Player Pass as part of check-in (No player Limit on the Guest Pass for Jamboree)

Format:  Each team will play 2 games (Games: Two 22 minute Halves with 4 minute half-time).  No scores will be reported and no records will be kept.  ECYSA will make every attempt to limit the time between games to 1 hour and accommodate AM/PM preferences.

Cost:  None.  See cancellation section below for withdrawal fee.

Cancellation:  If a team does not show up at the Jamboree, a cancellation or no show fee of $250 will be assessed to the town program of the withdrawing team.

Registration: Registration for the 2021 event is now closed.

Schedule:  Schedule is posted below.

Donations:  ECYSA will be collecting gently used cleats, shin guards, and soccer balls to be donated to local soccer programs and families in need of equipment.  Please bring your donations to the Jamboree and help more kids get engaged in soccer!

2021 G4 Friendship Jamboree Schedule


8:00 AM 1 Georgetown United North Reading Hornets
8:55 AM 1 Georgetown United Wakefield Athletico
9:50 AM 1 Ipswich United Methuen Hornets
10:45 AM 1 Ipswich United Peabody Ninja's
11:40  AM 1 Middleton Force Hamilton Wenham Rodeo
12:35 PM 1 Middleton Force Danvers Pride
1:30 PM 1 Wakefield Red Stars Lynn Ravens
2:25 PM 1 Wakefield Red Stars Ipswich Tigers
8:00 AM 2 Peabody Mustangs Wakefield Athletico
8:55 AM 2 Peabody Mustangs North Reading Hornets 
9:50 AM 2 Lawrence Storm Peabody Ninja's
10:45 AM 2 Lawrence Storm Methuen Hornets
11:40  AM 2 Georgetown Chaos Danvers Pride
12:35 PM 2 Georgetown Chaos Hamilton Wenham Rodeo
1:30 PM 2 Dracut hornets Ipswich Tigers 
2:25 PM 2 Dracut hornets Lynn Ravens
8:00 AM 3 Danvers Rapids Lynnfield Napoli
8:55 AM 3 Danvers Rapids Middleton Resistance
9:50 AM 3 Swampscott Blue typhoons Dracut Lions 
10:45 AM 3 Swampscott Blue typhoons Georgetown Wanderers
11:40  AM 3 Manchester Lobsters Peabody Fury
12:35 PM 3 Peabody Fury Swampscott Blue wave
1:30 PM 3 Dracut Jaguars Manchester Dolphins
2:25 PM 3 Dracut Jaguars Topsfield Breakaways
8:00 AM 4 Manchester Riptide  Middleton Resistance
8:55 AM 4 Manchester Riptide  Lynfield Napoli
9:50 AM 4 Winthrop Thunder Georgetown Wanderers
10:45 AM 4 Winthrop Thunder Dracut Lions
11:40  AM 4 Methuen Bandits Swampscott Blue Wave
12:35 PM 4 Methuen Bandits Manchester Lobsters
1:30 PM 4 Lynnfield Hurricanes Topsfield Breakaways
2:25 PM 4 Lynnfield Hurricanes Manchester Dolphins
8:00 AM 5 Swampscott Blue lightning Woburn Revs
8:55 AM 5 Swampscott Blue lightning Ipswich Storm
9:50 AM 5 Lynnfield Storm Manchester Greenheads
10:45 AM 5 Lynnfield Storm Fisherman Wave
11:40  AM 5 Topsfield Zombie-Lightning Manchester Greenheads
12:35 PM 5 Topsfield Zombie-Lightning Fisherman Wave
1:30 PM 5 Manchester Panthers Wakefield Revolution
2:25 PM 5 Manchester Panthers Swampscott Blue Lobsters
8:00 AM 6 Topsfield Fire Ipswich Storm
8:55 AM 6 Topsfield Fire Woburn Revs
9:50 AM 6 Methuen Mad dogs Fisherman Dockhands
10:45 AM 6 Methuen Mad dogs Hamilton Wenham Broncos
11:40  AM 6 Fisherman Dockhands Hamilton Wenham Broncos
12:35 PM 6 Triton Breakaways Hamilton Wenham Jumpers
1:30 PM 6 Methuen Strikers Swampscott Blue Lobsters
2:25 PM 6 Methuen Strikers Wakefield Revolution
8:00 AM 7 Lynnfield Tornado Peabody Lasers
8:55 AM 7 Lynnfield Tornado Woburn Savages
9:50 AM 7 Beverley Pumas Peabody Lasers
10:45 AM 7 Beverley Pumas Woburn Savages
11:40  AM 7 Triton Breakaways Wakefield Thorns-Royals
12:35 PM 7    
1:30 PM 7 Hamilton Wenham Jumpers Wakefield Thorns-Royals
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