League Specific Rules Fall 2020

 Please view Club Rules under the Player tab - these league rules are a supplement to that document.  This document prints to one page

October 22, 2020

Blue League Specific Rules (Fall 2020)

 1). No infield fly rule will be in effect.

2). No tiebreakers will be permitted. 

3). Sub runners may run 3 times per game and once per inning.

4). Pitchers may request a sub runner when on base with two outs to facilitate a prompt start to the following inning.  

5). A runner on any base whose turn it is to bat may have a substitute runner without an out being declared.

6). The 4 run rule per half inning will apply (except for the seventh/last inning).

7). All infielders shall position outside an imaginary line drawn from the first base bag through the pitching rubber to the third base bag but shall be allowed inside that line once the ball is hit.

8). All outfielders must stay on the grass until the ball is hit.

9). All teams will field 12 players with positions designated as follows:  1 pitcher; 1 catcher; 5 infielders; and 5 outfielders.

10). In the event of injury or absence, managers will have the option of playing with 11 players.

11). In instances of a delayed game start (frost delay etc) the number of innings played will be determined by the time remaining within that game’s allotted time slot.