League Specific Rules Fall 2020

 Please view Club Rules under the Player tab - these league rules are a supplement to that document.

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RED League Specific Rules


  1. If all 11 roster players report to a game, no substitute can be used. If a player is missing, the coach has the option to play with the remaining 10, or replace the player with a player within the guidelines stated within these rules. Keep in mind there will be no going to the stands for an injured or ejected player.
  2. Subs will be chosen from the sub list first, and second from another rostered team. Subs will be restricted to no better than .1 above the player needing the sub. There are no A and B distinctions. However, A player rated 2.2 and lower (example 2.3, 2.4. etc.) can sub for anyone in the league. (example a 2.2 can sub for a 2.5)
  3. Players on the active roster may only sub 3 times were week, 2 per day and no more than 4 times a session for any 1 team.
  4. Players on the sub list may sub 3 times per week, 2 time per day, and maximum 4 times per team per session.
  5. Players and coaches are responsible for documenting sub usage. Any coach getting caught violating the rules will forfeit the game. Players will be suspended for the next 2 games.
  6. Maximum of 5 subs can be used per game. (Because of tournament play and the early departing of our player heading north. The commissioner and or assistant commissioners may make an exception to this rule)
  7. Substitute runners can be used at any base, for any runner, at any time during the game. If a player wishes to run for him or herself, we should encourage it. Sub runners can run only 1 time per inning and 3 times per game. Should a player be on a base and that sub runner is up to bat, the player is out on the base. The player still gets to bat either that inning or the next in the advent of 3 outs due to player caught on base. No exceptions.
  8. Sliding is allowed at all bases. Sliding is not allowed at the home plate line. Sliding at the home plate line will be called out.
  9. Red league will utilize the 70’ base paths.