Overview: 8U Coach Pitch softball is for girls ages 7 or 8 as of December 31, 2015 (born in 2007 or 2008).  In 8U Coach Pitch, we have girls moving up from the 6U T-Ball age group and girls with no prior experience with softball.  8U Coach Pitch is comprised of pitching “live slow pitches” by Coaches with a softer safety ball. The key aspects of the 8U Coach Pitch age group is focusing on “Player Safety”, “Skill Development” and the emphasis on the girls having “FUN”.  In addition to fundamental skills development, a greater emphasis is placed on game rules. Additionally, our hope is that the girls will not only improve as players, but also make new friends along the way.  The girls will be divided into teams assigned by individual requests, and/or neighborhoods.  Each team will have a Manager, as well as a number of coaches to assist throughout the season.  The number of teams in 8U Coach Pitch will depend on the number of girls registered.  We will try to keep the teams as small as practical to allow for maximum playing opportunities for the girls.  The games are played primarily at Franklin Elementary, and occasionally at Blueberry Park.  Also, there will be Winter Skills clinics at Ingomar Elementary each January/February.  We encourage all family members to attend.  The IFPAA 8U Coach Pitch age group is a great opportunity to get the girls excited about softball and to demonstrate that playing softball is less about winning and more about having fun.

8U Coach Pitch Rules: Please click the following link for a complete listing of 8U Coach Pitch Softball rules and regulations.
Parents: Your involvement in the IFPAA 8U Coach Pitch age group is critical to a successful season.  There are many opportunities to be involved and to assist your daughter(s) in having an enjoyable experience with softball.   Please work with your Team’s Manager to assist in any way you can from coaching to administrative help.  Help is also appreciated when it comes to field preparation, tournament team games, and maintaining equipment.  These are only a few examples of how you can help and make this enjoyable all the way around.  Your participation helps to make this a better organization for your daughter’s benefit. We encourage you to come out and watch the practices and games and participate where you feel comfortable.   Most importantly, play ball with your daughter(s).  This is a great opportunity to build lasting memories with your child both at the field and practicing at home.
Thank you for your commitment, support and involvement in the IFPAA 8U Coach Pitch softball program.  

Please visit the IFPAA web site for registration information or additional guidance on the many programs the IFPAA has to offer.