Welcome to 15U Slowpitch Softball!  

15U Slowpitch softball is for girls ages 13 to 15 as of December 31, 2015 (born in 2000, 2001, or 2002).  This includes 14 and 15 year olds who are returning to Pony this year and 13 year olds are moving up from 12U Slowpitch softball. In addition, all players new to IFPAA are welcome! 

The 15U Slowpitch level builds upon the skills and development that were emphasized in Junior softball and three areas are stressed:  skill development, safety and fun.  In addition, the competitiveness of the play increases at the 15U Slowpitch level.  Game scores are recorded and tracked, and win/loss records will determine placement for the season ending playoffs.  

15U Slowpitch Team Organization:

Teams will be formed by the managers by way of a draft system.  There will be a try-out scheduled for some time in March and a draft will occur shortly thereafter.  Every player that tries out will be placed on a team.  The purpose of the tryout and draft system is to help make the teams as even as possible so that games will be competitive.  Each team will have one manager and at least one coach.  The number of teams will be determined by the number of players registered.  .  We will contact registered players by email; you can also check our website,, for more details as March approaches.
15U Slowpitch Team Games:

IFPAA 15U Slowpitch teams play in the Greater Pittsburgh Girls Softball League (GPGSL).  This allows the players to compete against other in-house IFPAA teams and also to travel to play against opponents from other local softball associations.  Games will be 7 innings, 10 players will play the field every inning and the entire roster will bat.  Baselines are 65’ in length, and pitching distance will be from 46’ or 50’.  Strikeouts and walks are allowed.  Game scores will be recorded and tracked, and win/loss records will determine placement for the season ending playoffs in late June.  GPGSL also hosts a 4th of July All Star Game featuring two players from each IFPAA 15U Slowpitch team.
15U Slowpitch Team Fields:

Practices and home games for 15U Slowpitch softball will be at Blueberry Park on Field #1 and Field #3.  It is the 15U Slowpitch age group’s responsibility to maintain Field #3; we want to keep our fields in the best possible condition for our players.

15U Slowpitch Tournaments:

Tryouts will be held to field an IFPAA 15U Slowpitch softball tournament team to travel to post season tournaments.  We are also planning to host a 15U Slowpitch softball tournament at Blueberry Park in mid-July.
How Parents Can Help:

We need parental involvement to have a successful season.  There are many opportunities to be involved:  we need managers and coaches as well as help with fields, supplies, equipment, Snack Shack coverage, among many others.  Please sign up for a volunteer position during registration or by visiting the Volunteer page on the IFPAA web site.  Thank you for your commitment, support and involvement in the IFPAA 15U Slowpitch softball program.

Please visit the IFPAA web site for registration information or additional guidance on the many programs the IFPAA has to offer.