This year the kids will make the transition to the next phase of youth baseball, a game almost identical to adult, Major League baseball. Now that the kids have had the opportunity to master the basic skills of baseball, it is time to introduce more advanced skills: taking leads, pitching from the stretch, balks and passed balls.
The goal this year is to introduce these new skills in a staggered, measured fashion, continue to refine the basic skills introduced in previous years, further increase their levels of awareness and responsibility within the game by again expanding the range of potential outcomes on the field and work on the intricate and subtle strategic maneuvers that make baseball the unique game of thinking, preparedness, and teamwork that it is.
NOTE: The Major League Rulebook is always in effect, unless superseded by a league modification in these rules
FIELD: The field dimensions for Major League consist of bases 70 feet apart. The pitching rubber is 48 feet from Home Plate.

Mark Wilcox, Commissioner -- See Contact List (.PDF)