This year the kids will transition to full-scale youth baseball. The concepts that become normalized this season are: ball and strike counts, full and unrestricted base stealing, three-player outfields, and no pitcher’s circle or halfway lines. There are still some concepts that remain restricted from this phase of baseball which will come next year - these are: taking leads, balks and passed balls.

The goal this year is to continue to refine those skills introduced in the last few years, further increase their levels of awareness and responsibility within the game by again expanding the range of potential outcomes on the field and work on the intricate and subtle strategic maneuvers that make baseball the unique game of thinking, preparedness, and teamwork that it is.

All registered players are drafted onto teams after participating in evaluations. In-House games are played at Vestal 3 and Franklin Park Borough Fields.

Mark Giuliani, Commissioner -- See Contact List (.PDF)