Your child will be exposed to realistic baseball, thus transitioning away from T-Ball type rules that are especially crafted for beginners and move toward an intermediate phase of baseball. There are a number of advanced concepts that are instituted: child pitching, strikeouts, called pitches, a set outfield, tagging up, and a live ball. With that in mind, we have tried to structure the rules to allow the games to be as enjoyable as possible, while enhancing competition and allowing for the learning of the new ideas. There are still many concepts that remain restricted from this phase of baseball which will come in later years - these are: taking leads, stealing, bunting, walks, passed balls, and the infield fly rule.

The goal this year is to introduce and teach a new array of skills to the kids, increase their levels of awareness and responsibility within the game by expanding the range of potential outcomes on the field and moderately turn up the competitive level.

Junior League Baseball is an instructional league for 8 year-olds. Games are played at Orchard Hill Church and Wall Park. The introduction of new rule changes will begin the transition to more realistic baseball. A mix of player pitch and coach pitch is used at this level.

Competitive play will be introduced with the Inter-league Playoffs.

Tournament Baseball is also introduced at this level and the try-out process will be announced later in the season.

Casey Sanner, Commissioner -- See Contact List (.PDF)